Photo of Gerry Altmann Gerry Altmann, Professor

Director, IBACS

Office: Bousfield 134C


Research Interests: Sentence processing; event cognition; object representation

Accepting a new graduate student, starting Fall 2020. Applications welcome.

Roeland Hancock, Assistant Research Professor

Associate Director, Brain Imaging Research Center

Office: PCSB 142A


Research interests: Neurobiology of language; Neurochemistry; Individual Differences; Auditory Processing
Fumiko Hoeft, Professor

Director, Brain Imaging Research Center

Office: PCSB 142B

Lab: BOUS 329/333

Research Interests: Brain development, Neuroimaging, Individual differences, Literacy acquisition, Dyslexia
Edward Large, Professor

Office: BOUS 386C


Research Interests: auditory pattern recognition and learning, perception of tonality in music, auditory brainstem neurodynamics, cortical dynamics of attention, perception of rhythm in music and speech, rhythmic interactions in nonhuman primates, emotional communication in music, neural basis of song.
James Magnuson, Professor

Office: BOUS 119


Research Interests: Spoken language understanding, language development, language disorder, neurobiology and genetics of language.
Emily Myers, Associate Professor

Office: PCSB 216

Lab: PCSB 143

Research Interests: Speech perception, cognitive neuroscience, aphasia, second language acquisition, fMRI. Dr. Meyers is involved in the STEAM (STEM+Arts) collaboration.
Ken Pugh, Professor

President, Haskins Laboratories

Office & Lab: BOUS 331

Research Interests: Reading, reading disorder, neurobiology of language
Jay Rueckl, Professor

Office: BOUS 134B


Research Interests: Reading, Computational models, Learning and Memory, Brain Bases of Language, MRI
Whit Tabor, Associate Professor

Office: BOUS 124


Research Interests: Balance between structure and flexibility, change in structured systems, dynamical systems theory, theory of computation, sentence processing, language change, group coordination
Photo of Eiling Yee Eiling Yee, Assistant Professor

Office: BOUS 170


Research Interests: Semantic memory and the neural representation of concepts; Spoken word recognition and language processing; Neural basis of language, aphasia
Paul Allopenna, Emeritus

Post Doctoral Scholars

Christopher Heffner

Gitte Joergensen

Silvia Clement-Lam

Airey Lau

Natasza Marrouch

Sandra Villata


Heejo You
Phoebe Gaston is a CNC-CT post-doctoral fellow, working with Jim Magnuson and Emily Myers. Her primary research interest is in how words are represented and recognized from speech. She is particularly interested in how contextual information impacts word recognition, and the interplay between syntactic and acoustic cues. 

Graduate Students

Charles Charles Davis

Zac Zachary Ekves

Jieyin Feng

kyra2 Kyra Krass

My research interests lie in event cognition. I would like to know what role affordances and goals play in event processing and how we can use eye-tracking and behavioral techniques to investigate this. I am also interested in how bilingualism and executive functioning influence event processing.

Karl Lerud Karl Lerud
Monica Li

Tong Li

sahil_luthra_photo Sahil Luthra

Oliver McNeil

Morrow_Hannah Hannah Morrow

Yanina Yanina Prystauka

David Saltzman

Oliver Sawi

Elizabeth Simmons

Now at Sacred Heart University Department of Communication Disorders

Yi Wei

Henry Harrison VII Henry Wolf VII