L&C Requirements

 The Language and Cognition Program prepares students for careers in research and teaching. A student’s research activity begins immediately on entry to the program.  A student’s schedule also includes attendance at colloquia and informal weekly group meetings for discussion of problems in theory and research.

Course work for the Ph.D. degree is typically completed in two-and-a-half to three years. Another year or two is needed to complete the dissertation. Student support is a combination of teaching and research assistantships as well as fellowships; accompanied by a tuition waiver and health benefits. Students can expect to be supported for 5 years, with annual increases reflecting their progress through the program. Applicants should have an excellent academic record. Research experience is helpful but not necessary. Applicants may have an undergraduate major in psychology, linguistics, computer science, mathematics, cognitive science, or other related fields of study.

Students in our program are expected to complete courses both within the program, in other divisions in Psychology, and in other programs across the University.  While each student will consult with his/her advisory committee to choose coursework, an overview of these requirements are as follows.  Please see the L&C PhD Program Requirements Document for specific details about milestones and course requirements.

  1. All students complete two core courses in their first and second years: Cognition and Psychology of Language
  2. Students will complete at least four courses (inclusive of the two listed above) taught by L&C faculty
  3. As a department requirement, students will complete three breadth courses taught by faculty outside L&C
  4. Students will complete a two-course sequence in statistics, including STAT 3115Q or STAT 5105
  5. A total of 24 credits are required for the program

Please see the Psychology Graduate Handbook for a full description of the department-wide requirements and guidelines in our program. See also the General Examination: Language & Cognition document for program-specific guidelines about the General Exam process.