Congratulations, Charles Davis

Congratulations to Charles Davis for a recent publication in Psychological Science:

Davis, C. P., Joergensen, G. H., Boddy, P., Dowling, C., & Yee, E. (2020). Making it harder to “see” meaning: The more you see something, the more its conceptual representation is susceptible to visual interference. Psychological science, 31(5), 505-517.

Congratulations, Sahil Luthra

Congratulations to Sahil Luthra for two recent publications. The first is based on his master’s thesis, and the second is the result of an international research experience made possible by the NBL program

Luthra, S., Magnuson, J. S., & Myers, E. B. Boosting lexical support does not enhance lexically guided perceptual learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. In press.

Luthra, S., Correia, J. M., Kleinschmidt, D. F., Mesite, L. & Myers, E. B. Lexical information guides retuning of neural patterns in perceptual learning of speech. (2020). Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 32(10), 2001-2012.

New Training Grant: Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Emily Myers (SLHS/PSYC) and Dr. Inge-Marie Eigsti (PSYC), who have been awarded a T32 training grant from the NIH/NIDCD. This 5-year award will fund pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees in the cognitive neuroscience of communication. They have created an innovative, interdisciplinary training program that will prepare scholars to bridge research between the laboratory and the clinic, thus addressing a critical barrier to advancing the assessment and treatment of communication disorders. Other UConn contributors include faculty from PSYC (Aslin, Fein, Hoeft, Hancock, Landi, Magnuson, Rueckl) and SLHS (Skoe, Theodore). The project summary is shown below.

Their grant was funded on the first round of submission, which is an incredible accomplishment, and a deep testament of national recognition for their expertise and commitment for training the next generation of scientists. 

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