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2021-08-31: Note—this page is under development—stay tuned for updates…

This is a list of email distribution lists that Language and Cognition members may find it helpful to subscribe to.
The ones indicated by + are particularly recommended:

Information on how to create a listserv account and how to subscribe/unsubscribe can be found here.

Except where otherwise indicated, the full name of the listserv is the name given below plus @LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU


Cross-disciplinary program

Entity Listserv name  Description Entity website

(3 options)

IGERT_LP-L General mailing list for Neurobiology of Language (NBL) program
IGERT_LP_COMMUNITY-L Students, postdocs, and faculty interested in NBL
IGERT_LP_STUDENTS-L Students and postdocs of NBL

(2 options)

BIRC_SPEAKER_SERIES-L Announcements for Brain Imaging Research Center (BIRC)
MRI_CENTER-L BIRC speaker series
IBACS CT_IBACS-L The Connecticut Institute for Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBACS)
UConn Cogsci COGSCI-DL The Cognitive Science Program at UConn (undergraduate major and graduate certificate)

(3 options)

SLAC-COMMUNITY-L UConn Science of Learning and Art of Communication (SLAC) program
SLAC-PERSONNEL-L SLAC students, postdocs, and faculty
SLAC-TRAINEES-L SLAC students and postdocs
CNC-CT CNC-CT-FACULTY-L Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication—Connecticut (CNC-CT) faculty
CNC-CT-TRAINEES-L CNC-CT students and postdocs
UConn Logic Group LOGIC-L Announcements from the UConn Logic Group
LOGIC_GROUP_LOCAL-L Local members of the UConn Logic Group


Traditional/Departmental Programs of Interest

Entity Listserv name or web address Description Entity website
Psychological Sciences Psychology-DL Psychology faculty
Linguistics LINGNEWS-L Linguistics community
LING-FL Faculty
Education NEAG_FACULTY-L faculty
Philosophy PHIL-FL Philosophy faculty
HDFS-FL Faculty

Divisions within Psychology

Entity Listserv name or web address Description Entity website
PAC PAC-L Perception, Action, and Cognition (PAC)
L&C LANGUAGE_AND_COGNITION-L Language and Cognition (L&C)
ECO Ecological Psychology (ECO)
BNS Behavioral Neuroscience (BNS)
Developmental DEVELOPMENTAL-L Developmental Psychology
I/O Industrial Organizational Psychology
Clinical Clinical Psychology
Social SOCIALPSYCH-L Social Psychology


Further afield, of possible interest

Entity Listserv name or web address Description Entity website
Statistics STAT-FL Statistics faculty
STAT_ALL-L Statistics Department except Undergraduates
STAT-GL Mailing list for Statistics graduate students
Mathematics MATH-FL Mathematics faculty
Physics PHYS-FL Physics faculty
CSE ENGR_L General mailing list for Engineering program
EE ENGR_L General mailing list for Engineering program
PNB PNB-FL Physiology and Neurobiology (PNB) faculty
EEB EEB-FL Ecology and Evolutionary Biology faculty


Professional Societies (these are NOT @LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU)

Entity Listserv name or web address Description Entity website
Cognitive Development Society General mailing list for Cognitive Development Society
Cogsci General mailing list for Cognitive Science Society

List General mailing list for Connectionists
HSP Human Sentence Processing
SSSR General mailing list for Society for the Scientific Study of Reading